Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 6-8

Day 1-3

What did we do today?

Today we met outside of the school and collected bags, said our goodbyes, and left for our adventure (June 6, 2011)! We waited in O’Hare Airport and boarded our plane to Los Angeles praying our bags would show up where we did. After arriving we transferred onto our plane to Auckland, New Zealand. After a tedious long flight, we made it!! We got on our bus ride to Rotorua. We stopped in the town of Matamata for lunch and some free time. I had a pineapple and ham sandwich. The town is famous for the Lord of the rings movies. After a few hours we left and headed for Rotorua. In Rotorua we went up a skyline gondola ride and went luging!! Luging is pretty much the best thing ever. J After our luging adventure we went to the hotel for an hour of free time. We went out to eat at “Burgerfuel” and I had pretty much the biggest burger in the entire world. It was called the biofuel and it was life changing. We then went to a “grocery store” called the Pack n’ Save. It was cool because we got to compare and contrast the Pack n’ Save to something similar in America, like Wal-Mart or Jewel. We walked back to the hotel and slept after a very long and fun day!

Prompt: Give a summary of events (first impression), discuss culture shock, and tell what you’re looking forward to.


Today has been a very long day… fun, but long. We got on two planes to get to New Zealand. After almost missing our plane out of O’Hare due to technical difficulties, we landed in Los Angeles. We then flew to Auckland, New Zealand. My first impression, walking into New Zealand, was its open beauty. The air was clean and the sky was slightly foggy. New Zealand is an exciting new place; I can’t wait to see more of it! We left Auckland and began traveling to Rotorua. We stopped in Matamata to have lunch. The people seem very nice and curious about who we are and where we come from. The food seems interesting and unique. For lunch, I had a sandwich with ham and pineapples on it. I liked traveling on the bus to Rotorua; the land is so rich in color! The trees are a thick green and the earth is a rich red-brown. I loved how Rotorua is a really popular place to visit but it’s still a small town. Some of the things that shocked me were the way the people talk and the food. The food has been similar to the food in America, but with its own NZ twist. I expected communication to be relatively easy considering the New Zealanders speak English. This is not the case… We have to pay close attention to what the locals are saying because sometimes they are hard to understand. Luging was very fun today! I loved it! New Zealand is really free flowing and easy going- just all around fun! The people are very friendly and optimistic here (This, I have to say, is different from the U.S. Americans are usually nice but not always optimistic). Later in Rotorua we went to “Burgerfuel” to grab us some dinner. One of the workers, Leighton, was very nice and described his trip to America as we described our trip to New Zealand. It was a great experience. The burgers were amazing tonight! The beet root was an interesting touch to a giant burger. I love trying new things and can’t wait for more!

I’m looking forward to visiting the Whaka area and meeting the Maori tribe. I love catching onto new phrases and givin’ ‘em a go. I’m excited to see the Agrodome too. I’m really just excited for everything! What a great way to start off a trip!!

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