Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 12

Day 7

What did we do today?

We got up and got ready. After breakfast I got some medicine because all of the rain was hard on my sinuses. Today Alec gave us a tour of the suburbs of Sydney. He showed us all of the really nice houses and beautiful beaches. We went to the Rocks. I had fun exploring at the Rocks despite the wind and rain. Next we went to Bondi Beach!! We had a lot of fun. The beach was beautiful! We saw a Portuguese Man-O-War!! I was very excited… I had never seen one in person! A rogue wave came and got us all wet though, so we were kind of uncomfortable the rest of the day. We went and got some hot chocolate and coffee to warm us up, but my tea latte burnt my tongue… Then we went to the Sydney Opera House. I was surprised because in all of the pictures I’ve seen of it always looked smooth and white. It’s neither. It looks less like a tent and more like a bunch of seashells. The roof is made of tiles and is cream in color. I found that very interesting. The birds here are crazy… they certainly like the food the tourists have. We took a tour of Sydney Harbor on a boat and went under the Sydney Bridge. It was a lot of fun! We then went to Sydney Wildlife World. I took lots of pictures of the kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, crocodiles, and the kookaburras. I had fish n’ chips at the Lizard Lounge at the Wildlife World!! It was really good! We walked back to the hotel and got to hang out and play games in Lexa’s hotel room. We also got to wash some clothes… which is a plus.

Portuguese Man-O-War!

Prompt: Reflect on all travels and how you have changed. Why do we travel?


I feel like I’m changing on this trip… Every trip I’ve changed (hopefully, and I feel) for the better. Last year my parents noticed I was more open to change and was far more social. I felt comfortable trying to work with a group. Going to China was the farthest and longest I’ve ever been away from home. It taught me to be responsible and independent. This year the trip is longer and farther. I know that I’m changing and growing on this trip. I’ve seen it particularly in the way I’ve been testing my limits, stretching my comfort zone, communicating, and problem solving.

So far I have tried to participate in everything we’ve done so far. This is extremely difficult, especially when we’re so tired from activity I’ll get the most out of it. Whatever you can get out of the trip helps you grow as a person. I feel much more outgoing. It is getting easier for me (a shy person around people I don’t know) to feel like an influential part of the group. One of my goals on this trip was to be easygoing. The people of Australia and New Zealand are known for their laid back attitudes. I get stressed out while traveling because I’m worried I won’t be on time, I’ll lose something, or have something stolen from me. On this trip I wanted to be the true backpacker inside of me. I wanted to be open with everyone, be myself, and not worry about things so much. Hopefully I can achieve my goal… I feel like I’m on the right track. I’m not dumping my baggage or drama on anyone. I want to be free to anything our incredible wonder of a world has to offer!

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