Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 14

Day 9

What did we do?

Today we woke up and went to the airport this morning… and flew to Cairns! It is so beautiful here!! We got into our hotel and it is awesome! Our hotel room in Cairns is the nicest we’ve had on this trip. Our room is literally beautiful. We have a wonderful view and the temperature here is incredible! Coming to Cairns was just a big spirit lifter! After all that rain we are ready for the Aussie sun!! We got to our hotel and changed into our bathing suits. Then we went to the beach/pool! The water from the ocean had been cleaned and put in a pool… it was really nice and inventive. The water was kind of chilly but no worries. We had a wonderful time swimming, soakin’ in the sun, and being with our friends! Later, we went back to the hotel to dry off. Then Maddie, Amanda, Katie, Steven, and I went out to explore the town. We found a really good restaurant and we all had wonderful food. I had a parmesan chicken thing… it was good, but the company was better! I love my travel family! We stopped in some shops and saw the sights around town. We got some ice cream and then headed back to the hotel. At the hotel, we had a little bit of time before room check so we went to the pool… It was way too cold though! Today was a really fun relaxing day!

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This trip has been incredible for me. Last year, I had problems making really good friends on the trip to China. Of course I had friends but certainly not like this year. I feel like I have connected with almost everyone on the trip and became friends with, I’d say, well over half the group. This trip wasn’t as adventurous as China was, but it certainly wasn’t so difficult. It’s been relaxing and all around fun!! It’s hard to compare the two together and I definitely cannot tell you which was better. They are unique in their own way and that’s what makes them special. Both have given me experiences I will never forget, friendships to hold on to, and stories to last a lifetime. Traveling shows you life’s greatest moments. Hold onto them, they can become your fondest memories.

I would just like to thank everyone who has helped me on my journeys. Your help, whether it be mental, physical, or financial is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping me through the thick and the thin and thank you for being there. This is for my friends across the world, my family back home, and everyone with me now- Kiaora. Thank you.

For my teachers who have taught me how to travel- Kiaora. We had a wonderful past two years… I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have! Thanks for taking me to see wonders! I truly appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into the trip to keep us safe and having a good time. My sophomore year I was in Mr. Ewen’s geography class. He gave us an assignment to create our own trip, going through the whole process. That was a long project, as I’m sure yours was too. After the first couple of weeks into the class, Mr. Ewen called up a couple of people from the class and asked us if we wanted to travel. I definitely know that answer to that question now! Thanks for the lessons and all of the memories!

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